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Kinzler Materials stocks a wide variety of drywall, Sheetrock, wallboard, exterior wallboard and sheathing, plus all the related materials for interior and exterior use.

Drywall Panels

  • Abuse Resistant Drywall
    • Used in areas that will incur higher levels of traffic and abuse. Abuse Resistant Drywall has a high-density core and fiberglass reinforced paper facer.
  • Ballistic / Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels
    • Used in buildings that require higher levels of security to protect against armed intrusion and projectiles of all kinds. Typically constructed in layers to absorb shock and contain projectiles, these materials are rated at various levels for bullet resistance.
  • Cement Board (PermaBase, Durock, etc.)
    • Used as backing for stone and tile because of its strength and water resistance.
  • Fire-Rated Drywall (Type X & Type C)
  • Glass Mat Faced Interior Drywall
    • Used in areas that have consistently high humidity areas or areas of concern.
  • Glass Mat Tilebacker (DensShield, GlasRoc,
  • Moisture and Mold Resistant Drywall
    • Used in areas that have higher moisture. The core and paper are treated with a mold inhibitor.
  • Impact Resistant Drywall
    • Used in areas that have hard and soft body impacts. Impact Resistant Drywall has similar characteristics to Abuse Resistant Drywall but adds a Fiberglass Mesh to the back of the drywall which drastically increase the drywall’s ability to absorb impacts.
  • Lead Lined Drywall
    • Used in medical, industrial, and nuclear environments to shield from radiation.
  • Lightweight Drywall (60 Minute, EcoSmart, etc.)
  • Shaft Wall Liner
  • Sheathing Glass Mat Faced (DensGlass, GlasRoc, eXP, SecureRock)
  • Sheathing Paper Faced
  • Sound Deadening Drywall (QuietRock, SilentFX & SoundBreak)
    • Used in areas that require a reduction in sound transmission through the wall. Sound Deadening Drywall has a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated dense gypsum cores.  This results in drywall assemblies that have an increased Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) rating.

Drywall Accessories

  • Acoustical Caulk (Smoke & Sound)
  • Cornerbead (Metal, Vinyl)
  • Drywall Adhesive
  • Fasteners
  • Fire Caulk & Spray
  • Fire Tape (E-Z Taping Flame Fighter)
  • Joint Compound (Box and Pail)
    • All-Purpose
    • Lightweight
    • Setting Type (Easy Sand)
  • Joint Tape
  • Texture Unaggregate (Multiple Brands)
  • Texture Aggregate (Fine, Medium, Coarse, etc.)
  • Tools

Brands You Know & Trust

Kinzler Materials works with the industry’s top drywall suppliers, so you get the exact gypsum board product and supplies that you need for your project. Our gypsum board and wallboard manufacturer partners include:

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